Can be downloaded for free

It was an honor for Sant Kirpal Singh to make the message of the spiritual science available for everybody freely and openly. Therefore all our publications are free of charge. This is possible due to our own printing press, as well as with the help of many volunteers and co-workers who bring in various skills in printing, translation, etc.

Some of our books and pamphlets are accessible in PDF format, but most of the material is available as hard copy. Upon request we gladly provide a list of the printed publications. The majority of our publications is available in English and German. A number of translations can be obtained also in Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Romanian and Chinese.

For books and pamphlets in Hindi and Punjabi please contact our office at the headquarters in Kirpal Sagar/INDIA.
Email: info@unity-of-man.org






I have written books without any copyright – no rights reserved – because it is a gift of God, given by God, as much as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free.

Sant Kirpal Singh