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Reminding us that God resides in man

The symbols on the central building in the Sarovar were originally designed by Sant Kirpal Singh. Models of a gurdawara, a temple, a church, and a mosque are standing side by side.

Their traditional shapes relate to the human body – temples and churches are dome-shaped, similar to the human head; the towers of Christian churches look like the ascending nose, at the root of which the inner eye is located, and the domes of the mosques resemble the human forehead.

It is the message of all religions that man is able to attain Godknowledge by 'tapping' inside. Saints, mystics of East and West, at all times, got inner knowledge by way of contemplation and meditation. This is why the human body is called 'temple of God'.

The outer houses of worship built of stones are just symbols of the body and there may be many ways of outer worship, but the direct inner way back to God is one. Human life is a golden opportunity to reach the highest goal: To be one with God. This is what the symbols stand for. To revive this knowledge and give practical access to it is the main purpose of the mission of Sant Kirpal Singh.

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