Under the respective menu items you find excerpts of Sant Kirpal Singh's talks and books giving a brief overview of different aspects of spirituality. Sant Kirpal Singh's words directly touch the heart of everyone who is seeking to find answers for the eternal vital questions. Whoever could be more competent to speak about spirituality than Him?

It has ever been the natural urge in man to understand the mystery of life. The quest for the immanent and all-powerful entity began when self-consciousness dawned on living creatures. The endless limitations with which the spirit finds itself surrounded, the insufficiency and incompleteness on all sides, the utter helplessness in the face of death, and in illness and suffering, all combine to stir up in man a longing to find out the source of all life, all light, all happiness and all bliss.

He seeks a power with which to combat all evil, chase away pain and misery, and be established with unchangeable permanence in this ever-changing universe. He wants to find the central permanent point, around which the eternal dance of creation and destruction goes on ceaselessly.

Dissatisfied with his surroundings, he begins the eternal search and turns to the why and wherefore of things. He tries to find the substratum of life itself, the source from which the creative life-principle springs, which enlivens the body and the bodily adjuncts and activates everything around him. Once this question takes hold of a person, it never leaves him, the search within becomes a passion with the sincere seeker after Truth and he seeks to solve the mystery of live in whatever way he can.


Sant Kirpal Singh, 1974

"The science of soul"
Talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh