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WORLD CONFERENCE on Unity of Man - 2007

The World Conference took place from 1-11 December at Kirpal Sagar

In Dec 2007, the project Kirpal Sagar, under the presidency of Mrs. Biji Surinder Kaur, celebrated its silver jubilee and the 75th birth anniversary of the late Dr Harbhajan Singh.

The core of the Conference was the unveiling of the Symbols on the top of the central building in Kirpal Sagar in the midst of the beautiful lake, the Sarovar. The day of the inauguration of these Symbols had been eagerly expected. Twenty- five years had passed by since the first cut of the spade had started the work for the Sarovar at the time of Dr Harbhajan Singh. The inauguration of the Symbols was the crowning achievement of years of work on behalf of Sant Kirpal Singh.

The Conference was all in all a 10 days event with a manifold scope of activities, corresponding to the multiple aspects of the Project. With regard to the spiritual base of Kirpal Sagar one field of attention was the inter-religious dialogue, as religious tolerance is a must in a growing multicultural world community. Twenty-nine invited speakers gave their presentations on Dec 9-10, the main conference days.

A further field of attention was the charity programme, which was to set a practical example: goodwill should lead to action. For that, as support for socially disadvantaged people, on Dec 1st a free 'Medical Camp' was started, which continued till January, and on Dec 6 wedding ceremonies were celebrated, sponsored by Unity of Man for the daughters of needy families.

A complementary conference programme took place on Dec 7 in Amritsar in honour of Dr Harbhajan Singh, since Sant Kirpal Singh had initiated the work for Kirpal Sagar at Nag Kalan near Amritsar at the time of Dr Harbhajan Singh, who had his residence there.

The manifold social programmes, events and presentations gave the opportunity to come together and become acquainted with people from all over the world as well as with the Indian culture. It was beautiful to see how easily people became friendly with one another without regard to creed, colour, nationality or castes.

Beside attendees from all over India, people from about twenty other nations participated: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Belgium, Canada, France, England, Italy, Australia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Paraguay, Kenya, Czech Republic, Spain, Syria, Montenegro and Bulgaria.

The inner and outer beauty of the venue Kirpal Sagar created an atmosphere that let everybody feel peace and harmony. May this spirit of the moment continue to spread throughout the world which was so easy to achieve during these days: to be good, to do good, and to be one.

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Detailed report of the World Conference on Unity of Man
1 – 11 December, 2007
held at Kirpal Sagar