We live in an extraordinary time with special chances

It is the onset of the golden age, and mankind has passed through a long evolution. The way back to home eternal is now very direct for the souls; one can go back in one life. Whenever there is going to be such a change the power from the highest plane works directly in the world. For the whole golden age Sant Kirpal Singh was sent with divine mission and competence to help mankind to treat this path.

Sant Kirpal Singh came with the power of the Almighty, and it is within the competence of this power to work further even after leaving the body. When a Master of such a competence leaves the body, there is a flood of spirituality. Sant Kirpal Singh's mission is still going on. It is only in His hand to give initiation or the direct contact with the Godpower – the divine light and sound – and to guide the soul on the inner way.

Sant Kirpal Singh often said, “I want to work with thousands of hands.” It was His wish that His disciples should become conscious and be ambassadors of truth.

Already during His lifetime, two of His disciples, Dr Harbhajan Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur, attained that spiritual achievement and became His confidents and close co-workers. In a personal talk with Dr Harbhajan Singh on 4 April, 1974 Sant Kirpal Singh gave him the guarantee: “Master is not the physical body, He will guide you both, and you guide then all.”

Before Sant Kirpal Singh left His body, He commissioned them to continue His outer work and to build up the project Kirpal Sagar. It is their greatness to accomplish this task without claiming a position, ever presenting themselves as disciples and servants of their Master. Dr Harbhajan Singh told, that he only wants to keep the garden of spirituality blooming.

Whoever comes within the field of action of the radiation of one who has the God-intoxicated way of life will have the same effect. That is why it is said, "Spirituality cannot be taught, but caught." It cannot be taught; it is caught, like an infection.


Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh said that a time will come, when those who have met Him will weep and those who have not met Him, they will also weep. Because that power will remain too near to them. They will not be able to see Him physically, but they will realize His presence all the time with them. That was His wish. He has left the body, but He has not left the work. His competency, His grace has started to flow more and more. 

Harbhajan Singh