God resides in every heart, but God is not manifested in every manbody

The one in whom God is manifested has the competency by virtue of the God in him to withdraw our souls from outer concerns.

The outgoing expression of the soul is the attention, called surat. That surat is withdrawn from the outside first. The manbody is the temple of God, into which we have to enter first. We live in the body, and whom we want is also living in the body, and is the controlling power keeping us in the body. The one who has got that control over his attention is truly self-centered: the whole body-machinery works at his beck and call. Such a person, when he is met, has the competency or the power in him to enable us to withdraw from the outside and enter the physical body, and to raise us into the beyond. That power is called the Masterpower.

That power is also within us; just as the rays of the sun don't burn us but, if we pass them through a convex lens, they will burn anything at the focus on the other side of the lens. In a similar manner, that very power of the Master is within us, too, but our attention is dispersed outward by being identified with the body and outside things. If we withdraw that attention, and go within to the seat of the soul in the body and become the mouthpiece of the controlling power, God, we can work wonders. So that soul which has manifested God has great power and has become the mouthpiece of the Overself.

A person who is competent to give a man this personal experience of withdrawal or separation (temporary) from the body, and who can thus put him on the way back to God, is a genuine Master, Saint, or Satguru.

When Sant Kirpal Singh was asked, if He could give this inner experience, the Holy Scriptures and mystics speak of, He simply told, "Sit and see". Means whenever someone got a meditation sitting by Him, he could thereafter confirm that he had got an inner experience. Due to Sant Kirpal Singh's competency who came as the Almighty Power, the same is still possible now. No physical master is necessary when the Almighty Power is working directly.



The Masterpower, Godpower, Christpower within you will be extending all feasible help and protection until you are completly attuned into the sweetness of your Father.

Sant Kirpal Singh