"Be good – do good – be one" sums up the teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh

"Be good" means to lead a life of higher values, "do good", means that a true human not only lives for himself, but also lives for others. "Be one" means to realize the unity of the soul with the Godpower and thus the unity of all life, and to live according to this highest consciousness.

The different aspects of the movement and its projects are ways to put this ideal into practice. All our activities are carried out by cooperation of people from all the world over – different from nation, language and religion, but one from heart.


KIRPAL SAGAR  our main project is dedicated to help man to develop all around – socially, intellectually and spiritually.

CENTRES have been set up in various countries; besides, regular lectures are given at different places.
CONFERENCES ON THE UNITY OF MAN or various events regularly take place at Kirpal Sagar.

CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES in India supply help in the field of medicine, education, professional job training, etc.


All activities are performed in an honorary capacity and the resources are derived exclusively from voluntary contributions.

"Be good – do good – be one"
Message given by Sant Kirpal Singh, 1972