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Selfless service unto others is service to God

Sant Kirpal Singh liked to remind, "Men are related to each other like the different parts of the body. If there is pain in one part of the body, then the whole body seems to suffer. Man is the very image of Love; and a true man is he who lives for others."

From the very beginning of the project Kirpal Sagar, humanitarian help has been provided to needy people of the surroundings. In the course of thirty years, these activities have been extended to remote and deprived areas in the north of India. Parallel to the practical contributions, the understanding of the ideal of unity can help to remedy the situation from the roots.

Help is provided in the following fields:

MEDICAL CARE – Kirpal Charitable Hospital, free medical camps and eye operations

EDUCATION – Public School and Kirpal Sagar Academy, B.E.D. College

PEOPLE SERVICES – home for the aged and for the blind

PROFESSIONAL JOB TRAINING and job opportunities to local people

BASIC SUPPORT OF PEOPLE IN NEED – such as widows, orphans and couples from needy families



Kirpal Sagar blood donation campaign

During the inauguration of the home for the blind

Mrs Surinder Kaur provides disabled persons with invalid carriages

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