Spirituality is purely a matter of self-analysis, knowing oneself and knowing God

The quest for the 'spirit' and for 'spirituality' has ever been in the human breast from the dawn of consciousness in man; yet with all its hoary antiquity, the subject retains its freshness as ever before  and shall continue to do so. The spirit or soul is the vital flame in man, in the light and life of which he lives and has his being. Ancient and modern sages put before man the great question: “What is that wisdom or knowledge by knowing which all else becomes known?” and in the same breath replied, ’The knowledge of the higher self – the true man’.

Spirituality, or science of the spirit, tells us about the soul's evolution or unfoldment (a process of liberating it from the various sheaths or coverings in which it is clothed): its identical nature with God, and how it can be linked with the divine reality, its very source and fountainhead, and achieve its Godhood and be blessed forever.

True spirituality is an inner science of the soul and consists in linking the soul with the Oversoul in its manifested play of light and sound in the God-made temple of the human body. Therefore the help and guidance of the spiritual adept, well versed in the theory and the practice is needed. Nothing is to be taken on trust or make-believe.

Miracles, spiritual healings, psychic phenomena, fortune-telling, akashic records and worldly desires are all to be left aside, for these are positive hindrances on the path. The entire energy is to be conserved for internal progress.




To know one's self – to know the spirit in man, to know the God-into-expression-power, which is controlling the whole universe and all in it, and permeating all creation, and which is the controlling power of us in the body, too, to know that: that is called spirituality.

Sant Kirpal Singh 

"Spirituality – what it is"
written by Sant Kirpal Singh